Monday, September 8, 2014

PROCEDURE OF REMOVING SHORTCUT VIRUS in MANUALLY ( without help of any software )

Do it in safe mode
step 1: Delete all shortcut files in removable disk
step 2: Open Task manager and right click the process of WBSCRIPT.VBS ( if its not there leave the steps 2&3 )
step 3: Open the file location of that file and delete this file then stop the process of wbscript.vbs
Step 4: Go to run and type %temp% open that and delete the file like anyname.vbs
Step 5: Go to run and type msconfig & go to starup and disable the .vbs file
Step 6: Now you can successfully removed shortcut virus
Step 7: Know the removable drive alphabet name it was displaying in my computer
Step 8: Go to run then type cmd then that then type the removable drive name and enter it will blinking in new line
Step 9: Then type that attrib -s -r -h /s /d
Step 10: It will retrieve the hidden files in your device

Now you have succesfully removed shortcut virus in 99% from ur Pc